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Fork Union, VA

Beginning in 2020, Fork Union Baptist Church decided to minister to our community by helping families with school age children and distributing school supplies to anyone who needed them. We have been able to hand out 250+ backpacks containing various school supplies like pencils, erasers, notebooks and snacks.  Covid-19 and inflation has made it difficult for many families to make ends meet.  Our goal is to help make their lives a little better.

Uganda 2020

This years trip was a little different in approach.  We didn't focus on agriculture as much but more on service, giving and the Gospel.  Dwayne Phillips saw the need for a health clinic.  We thought that it would be some ointments, band-aids and Pepto Bismol but due to the Grace of God he was able to stock a working clinic with all types of medications from worm pills to injectable vaccines.  We even bought a locking cabinet for storage.  Anthony was a major player in setting up and totally supplying a school for the children.  That and his guitar along with his preaching brought many to hear the Word.  I could go on about the work of these 2 men but theend result was we gave out over 250 pounds of clothes and undies to those who had nothing.  We preached the Word in 8 churches .  We addressed 14 pastors, we made so many friends and left behind a permanent mark of the freedom of giving through the Grace of God and that we are all His children no matter what the circumstance.  I truly thank both these men for their selfless giving of faith, time and themselves.

-Malcolm Warfield 

Zimbabwe, Africa - 2019


This annual trip to Zimbabwe has been such a great experience for all those who have gone.  We usually go for two weeks each August and tent camp in remote areas with the Ndau people.  This ministry is led by Grace Life Baptist Church in Christiansburg, Virginia.  We have been blessed to send a team with Grace Life for several years now.  We partner with an awesome group of pastors and their families in Zimbabwe who are humble servants for the Lord.  This trip focuses on nothing but sharing the Gospel of Jesus in whatever area we are in each year.  We split up in small groups each day, hike out with translators and simply meet people along the way and share the Gospel.  Each year we see many come to Christ and they are always so thankful that we come.  We also have church services each night back at the camp where we sing, dance and preach the Gospel.


- Anthony Clore 

You can listen to our four team members give their testimonials on the Zimbabwe trip at:


Also listen to the sermon delivered to the Maunganidze Baptist Church in Zimbabwe, Africa by Anthony Clore and our Mission's team and translated into the Shona language at :

Matthew 28 19-20

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."   NIV

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