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  • 3/28/2021 Service & Sermon - Matthew 13: 10-17 "Why Parables?" - In these verses by Matthew, the apostles ask Jesus why He teaches in parables.  Pastor Anthony helps us to understand the meaning behind this method of Jesus' teachings.

  • 3/21/2021 Service & Sermon - Matthew 12: 46-50 - "Family Matters" - 
    Pastor Anthony speaks to us today and points out the biggest pressure a Christ follower can experience is from family.  Family is one of the biggest blessings given to us from God and they can also be the most distracting and aggravating things on earth.  Listen to this sermon to see how Jesus differentiated between His biological and spiritual families.

  • 3/14/2021 Service & Sermon - Matthew 12: 38-45 - "An Evil Generation Be Like..." - Pastor Anthony today points out that these passages are directed towards an evil generation that 1. Demands a miraculous sign that Jesus is the Son of God, 2. Refuses to repent, 3. Refuses to seek God's wisdom and 4. Follows a false religion.  We must realize that the only way to defeat sin is through Christ Jesus.

  • 3/7/2021 Service & Sermon - Matthew 12: 22-37 - God wants to heal, the devil wants to devour us.  In reading through these passages, Pastor Anthony helps us to see that Jesus healed through the power of God and that we need to follow Jesus Christ instead of what we are used to following.  Jesus tells us that satan has a kingdom here on earth, that he is powerful and actively trying to devour us and that God's power is better and bigger than satan's power.  The Holy Spirit is the final witness that leads us to do God's will and draw us back to God.  If we reject the Holy Spirit there is no forgiveness.

  • 2/28/2021 Service & Sermon - Matthew 12: 14-21 "God's Chosen Servant" - Jesus' actions in these passages display healing, humility, love, justice, encouragement, victory and hope, they are all visible and explained in these versus.  Pastor Anthony helps us to understand the many prophesies that come true and how we cannot let our hearts become hardened to Jesus.

  • 2/21/2021 Service & SermonToday we have two guest speakers, Joel and Rachel Shelley, they are missionaries in the Philippines at The Word of Life Mission.  Joel speaks first and shares his testimony about how his life turned around when he decided to follow and really get to know the Lord.  They both then speak about the Word of Life Mission in the Philippines and how it is making a difference to so many people there.

  • 2/14/2021 Service & SermonMatthew 12: 9-14, Luke 6: 6-11 "People Are Greater Than Religion"

  • Today, Pastor Anthony reads these passages to illustrate how Jesus shows His compassion to people and how He uses our weaknesses to display His goodness & power in our lives.  Pastor Anthony helps us to understand that following the spirit is always better than following rules - and nothing is more sacred to the Lord than we are.

  • 2/7/2021 Service & SermonJames 4: 13-17  "My Word For The Year"Pastor Anthony speaks today about our youth and how they are vital in the growth of the Church.  During a recent meeting they had, he encouraged them to choose a word that they should focus on every day this year using the bible and prayer to help them choose that word.
    You can open and save the document they used to help guide them towards their goal.  Click here for the document.

  • 1/31/2021 Service & Sermon - Romans 12: 6-8; 1 Corinthians 12: 4-5;  2 Timothy 1: 6 "Four Things That Will Put Out Our Fire" - God gives each of us spiritual gifts to use.  They are the things He created us to do.  Pastor Anthony lists four things that stand in the way of us growing our fire in Jesus.

  • 1/24/2021 - Service & Sermon - Mark 15: 1-15 "The Gospel  - A Recipe for Revival" - Guest speaker Rolfe Grubb takes us through this portion of scripture and points out that Jesus fulfilled scripture through the cross, His death and His resurrection.  He helps us understand that once the Holy Spirit enters our bodies it remains there forever and our bodies become temples.  We then have the power to live as God wants us to.

  • 1/17/2021 - Service & Sermon - Matthew 12: 1-8 "Jesus is Greater Than Religion" - Pastor Anthony helps us to understand the meaning of these passages where Jesus instructs us to follow the spirit of God and that human needs should take president over tradition and ritual.  It is these needs that should matter to us the most.

  • 1/10/2021 - Service & Sermon - Matthew 11: 28-30 "The Great Invitation" - Jesus said in these passages "Come to Me and let Me teach you how to rest your soul".  Pastor Anthony teaches us that Jesus is humble and understands our weakness and that it is easy to take up the yolk of Christ & Follow His direction.

  • 12/27/2020 - Service & Sermon - Matthew 11: 7-15 "The Reminder" - In these passages, Matthew shows us how much we need the Grace of God and we need to take responsibility for our faith.  We shouldn't be swayed by false teachers and stand strong like John the Baptist.  We must be steadfast in our faith in Jesus and be ambassadors for Christ.  God expects us to use all the tools we have been given to spread His message to others.

  • 12/20/2020 - Service & Sermon - John 1: 1-5 "Three Things We Need to Remember About Baby Jesus" - Pastor Anthony's sermon today gives us a little different perspective on the birth of Jesus.  These passages speak to us by saying that Jesus has always existed, He was with God and He IS God, Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God.  Jesus loved us when we were being created.  Jesus is light, He is eternal, He is Creator & He is Life.

  • 12/13/2020 - Service & Sermon - John 11: 1-6 "Even A Good Baptist Doubts Sometime" - John the Baptist is confused about what he thought the Messiah was going to be.  He was sitting in prison and things weren't happening the way he expected, he needed assurance from Jesus and to have his faith strengthened.  In this sermon, Pastor Anthony teaches us about how Jesus responded to John's doubts and how many of us experience the same types of doubts in our lifetimes.

  • 12/6/2020 - Service & Sermon - Matthew 10: 24-42 "The purpose and Cost" - "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth.  I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."  These passages begin with this statement from Jesus.  Pastor Anthony helps us to understand that Jesus came to wage war against sin & evilness in this world and to put it to death.  In this podcast we learn more about what is expected of true believers in Christ to enter into His kingdom.

  • 11/29/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 10: 24-33 "The Encouragement" - Jesus told His disciples not to be afraid and to not fear those who threaten you.  He encouraged them by 1. Letting them know the truth will be revealed one day. 2.The message of the Gospel is to be preached to the world & 3. No need to be afraid because God cares for them.  We should not fear what a human can do to us, they cannot touch our spirit.

  • 11/22/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 10: 16-23 "The Warning" - In these passages today, Pastor Anthony helps us to understand that a true follower of Jesus should expect a level of persecution.  Just like Jesus did with the disciples, He is sending us out to share His Word.  We must understand that any present troubles we have are small and won't last long, they produce a glory that will last forever.

  • 11/15/2020 Service & Sermon - 1 John 4: 7-21 "Loving One Another" - Guest speaker Corvin Flynn asks us "Other than love, what is the most important key to a relationship?"  After reading through today's gospel message, Corvin helps us to understand that God wants a relationship with us and wants us to have a relationship with others.

  • 11/8/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 10: 5-15 "The Commission" - In these passages, Jesus gives His disciples instructions about how to go out and spread the gospel.  Pastor Anthony helps us to see that we must let God control our lies, He will listen and train us on what He wants us to do.

  • 11/1/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 10: 1-4 "A Fan or Fanatic?"  Fanatic: a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.  Are you "all in" for Christ?  Pastor Anthony explores these questions today, he helps us understand that prayer not only changes outcomes, it changes us.

  • 10/25/2020 Service & Sermon - 2 Timothy 1:7 - "One Nation Under Fear" - Have you ever struggled with fear?  Pastor Anthony walks us through today's bible verse "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind".  This message helps us understand what God says about fear.

  • 10/18/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 9: 35-38 "The Church That God Uses" - In these passages today, Pastor Anthony teaches us about 3 actions that the church needs to take:
    1. GO and spread the Good News of the Lord, we need to seek those who are lost.
    2. COMPASSION drives us into action so we can meet both physical and spiritual needs, this is how we build God's kingdom.
    3.VISION is always asking ourselves "where are we going next?  What's our next ministry"?  There should be no time for laziness in the church.
    We should let the size of our God determine the size of our goals.

  • 10/11/2020 Service & SermonMatthew 9: 18-34 "Desperate for Jesus" - Pastor Anthony delivers a powerful message of faith from these passages found in the book of Matthew.  He helps us to understand that Jesus will always respond to our desperate needs and make us whole.  In these passages, Jesus performs miracles that give life, heal the sick, give sight to the blind and heals a possessed man.  If you believe, Jesus will open your eyes, we need to seek after Him wholeheartedly.

  • 10/4/2020 Service & Sermon"God's Kintsugi" - Guest pastor James Benson, Fork Union Military Academy Chaplain, delivers a timely and powerful sermon today given the current broken climate of our country.  We see broken pieces all around us in relationships, communities, families and more.  With God's help anything can be fixed and be more beautiful than before.  God uses all of us in His story of redemption, not one of us is beyond His reach.

  • Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art.

  • 9/27/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 9: 14-17 "A Discussion Worth Having" - As Pastor Anthony leads us through these bible verses, he teaches that we are to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and walk with Jesus daily.  We need to put all distractions of the flesh aside and focus on the presence of God.  Listen along as we ask ourselves if we strive to walk with Jesus every day and seek His presence.

  • 9/20/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 9: 9-13 "Matthew's Story"​
    In this very important passage, Matthew provides his testimony by saying he was a lost cause and unsatisfied spiritually but Jesus knew He could do great things through Matthew.  When was the last time we introduced Jesus to our friends?  Jesus said "Follow Me" and Matthew did.  We need to follow in the same footsteps of Matthew and bring others to know Him.

  • 9/13/2020 - Service & Sermon - 2 Chronicles 20: 1-29 "Five steps to Victory" - Are you going through a trial, struggle, or battle like the rest of us?  Pastor Anthony reads these passages from the Old Testament and shows us the "5 Steps To Victory".

  • 9/6/2020 - Service & Sermon - "Jesus being Jesus"  In today's sermon, Pastor Anthony explains there are 3 things to learn in these passages today:

- We must be dedicated and willing to do what it takes in our mission of getting people to Christ.

- We must acknowledge that Jesus has all the power and authorization to save us.

- We must never give up in our mission.

  • 8/30/2020 - Service & Sermon - Matthew 8: 28-34 "Demons are Real" - The devil is still at work in this world and many are trapped under satan's control.  Pastor Anthony teaches us that we need to put on the firm armor of God to keep the devil away and stand firm against his schemes.  We must not be afraid of the cost to us if we can save even one soul!  We are God's prized possession.

  • 8/23/2020 - Service & Sermon Today's guest speaker, Gary Osteen, tells us about the story of Jonah and helps us to understand that a true prophet speaks for God.  When God calls, we must listen and obey. Do we say thank you to God or are we angry when things don't go our way?  God's goal is not for our comfort but for our character - generosity is always part of God's plan.  We need to share the gospel and walk the path that God asks us to walk.

  • 8/16/2020 - Service & Sermon - Matthew 8: 23-27 "Storms and Miracles" - Today's sermon encourages us to be true disciples of Jesus by not staying on the shore but by getting on the boat and following Him.  Many ask the question, "why follow Jesus if storms keep coming?"  The answer  is that a "real" follower of Jesus would rather be on a boat in a storm with Him than to experience a storm without Him.  We must call on the Lord to save us.

  • 8/10/2020 - Service & SermonMatthew 8: 18-22 "Attracted or Devoted?"​  These passages tell us that the crowd, bible scholars and a disciple were all attracted to Jesus, they desperately needed Him to fix their problems.
    -What do we do when Jesus meets our needs? 
    -Do we go back to life as normal or do we take that miracle and follow Him?  
    -Are you the type of Christian that only calls on Jesus when you need Him?
    Pastor Anthony helps us to understand the differences between being attracted to Jesus and being devoted to Jesus.

  • 8/2/2020 - Service & Sermon - Matthew 8: 14-17 "From Sickness to Serving"  Today Pastor Anthony reminds us that Jesus bridges the gap between sickness and serving and He is never too tired, distracted or busy to meet our needs.  He can heal us with just one touch.

  • 7/26/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 8: 5-13 "Amaze the Lord Today"  These verses show us that we must confess our need for the Savior.  Jesus is always willing to heal and cleanse us all.
    - Is Jesus the Lord of your life?
    - If we are humble before the Lord He will lift us up in honor.

    - We must BELIEVE to amaze the Lord.

  • 7/19/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 8: 1-4 "Jesus CAN and Jesus WILL" - This passage teaches us that sin has no worldly cure, it keeps us isolated and alone, however we are never too sick to be healed by Jesus.  Pastor Anthony explains that we need to kneel before Jesus, He is never too busy to meet with us, heal us and cleanse us. 

  • 7/12/2020 Service and SermonMatthew 7: 21-29 - We need to follow the will of God in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven, we must become a Christ follower.  Will we follow what God is asking us to do?  Pastor Anthony takes us through these passages to help us understand what is required.

  • 7/5/2020 Service & Sermon -  Matthew 7: 7-20 "More on Judgement" Only God can judge perfectly.  We receive God's help when we pray and ask for it but it needs to start with our hearts, we must seek the kingdom of God first.  Pastor Anthony helps us to see which road we're on, the narrow gate to heaven or the broad gate to hell.
    Due to technical difficulties, this video may not run correctly, you can listen to the complete sermon podcast on our sermons page.

  • 7/1/2020 Update - Narrow Gate Youth Group is back together!  What is your reputation?  Pastor Anthony explains how to keep it good by following the teachings of the Bible.

  • 6/28/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 7: 1-6 "Stop Criticizing Others"  When we judge someone based on their sins, we reveal a serious problem in our own heart and in our lives.  We need to focus on our own sins and clean them up first.  Pastor Anthony helps us see that God will help us get rid of our sins so we can show compassion.  Due to technical difficulties, this video may not run correctly, you can listen to the complete sermon podcast on our sermons page.

  • 6/24/2020 Update - 1 Peter 4: 10 - What is your God given gift?  The bible tells us to use it well to serve one another.

  • 6/21/2020 Service & Sermon - Matthew 6: 25-34 "A Warning About Worry" - Don't worry about everyday life, you cannot serve God and money at the same time.  Pastor Anthony teaches us about our path to victory: 1. Through faith, 2. Our heavenly Father & 3. Seeking the kingdom of God first.

  • 6/18/2020 Update - Isaiah 59: 1-2.  *Are our inequities separating us from God?  *Are we following God's instruction book?

  • 6/14/2020 Sermon - Matthew 6: 19-24 "Choose One or the Other"

What are your treasures, are they worldly possessions that will not last?​

- Are we going to let Jesus be our treasure?​​  

- Listen to Pastor Anthony as he guides us through the meaning of these passages.​

  • 6/11/2020 Update - The Lord said to Moses "Here I am" in Exodus 3: 1-4.  Pastor Anthony encourages us to move a little closer to the Lord and see His amazement.

  • 6/7/2020 Service & Sermon - "Where is the Church?"  Pastor Anthony asks us and answers the questions: "What are our responsibilities in this world as believers?  Are we willing to stand on the moral land of God and resist evil?"

  • 6/6/2020 Update - Pastor Anthony recorded a short video last night with a message for all.

  • 6/3/2020 Update - Church service will be held this Sunday outside following the state guidelines for Covid-10 protection.  "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

  • 5/31.2020 Sermon - "Fast to Glorify" - Matthew 6: 1-18.  In these passages, we learn that there is a right and a wrong way to fast - it' about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  God wants us to be hones with Him through prayer in the privacy of our own lives.

  • 5/272020 Update - The Lord is the only one who can keep us safe.  We don't need better times, we need the joy and the peace that only God can give us.

  • 5/24/2020 Sermon- In this week's passages, Jesus teaches us to pray.  Pastor Anthony goes through the Lord's prayer and highlights 4 points:  1. We are to have a private relationship with God  2.We must pray sincerely from our heart  3.We must pray for His guidance  4. We must forgive others

  • 5/20/2020  Weekly Update - Longtime church member Barbara reads a letter from her son about an old fashioned Sunday.

  • 5/17/2020 Sermon - Today's guest speaker is our own Minister of Music, Jon Somers.  In this passage, Jon helps us to see and understand that when a father loves his children he will welcome them back even though they may be undeserving.  If any of us a a broken relationship with God, He too will welcome us back with open arms.  His is our creator, our provider and our protector.  Through grace and love we can be restored in the life and the family of God.

  • 5/15/2020 Update - Kat Campbell explains the formula to overcoming evil.

  • 5/13/2020 Weekly Update - Jenni Clore brings us a message of faith, hope and lovetoday from John 15: 5-6.

  • 5/10/2020 Sunday Sermon  - Matthew 6: 1-4 "Give to Glorify" In this Sunday's sermon, Pastor Anthony reviews our various motives for giving and how God wants us to give to others. 

  • 5/6/2020 Weekly update - Lifelong church member, Ty Cobb reflects about life and his journey of faith

  • 5/3/2020 Sunday Sermon  - Matthew 5: 38-48 - "Only with God's Help".  Pastor Anthony reviews how we are to love our enemies in these bible passages.

  • 4-29-2020 Weekly update - Pastor Anthony reminds us today that people have a sinful nature and the only way to heal sick people is to be made new through Jesus Christ.

  • 4/26/2020 Sunday Sermon "I Swear" Matthew 5: 33-37  The simple answer is to tell the truth.  The simple promise is found in John 3:16 "for God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

  • 4-22-2020 Weekly update  - we can join Pastor Anthony as he celebrates his 10th anniversary realizing there is only one way to be saved, and that's through Jesus Christ.

  • 4-19-2020 Sunday Sermon - "The Truth About Divorce" Matthew 5: 31-21.  Pastor Anthony reads what God says in the bible about divorce and helps us understand how serious a commitment marriage is and man not be taken lightly.

  • 4-17-2020 Weekly update - Pastor Anthony reminds us that God has written our names on the palm of His hand and He remembers us all always.

  • 4-12-2020 Resurrection Day Service  "He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed" is today's Easter message from pastor Anthony as he reads from Matthew 29: 1-10 "Resurrection Day Sunrise Service"
  • 4-10-2020 Weekly update  - Pastor Anthony and Lisa Flynn sing in hopes to encourage you today on this Good Friday, followed by a short message.  Have a blessed day praising Jesus for what He did for us on the cross.
  • 4-3-2020 Weekly update  - Pastor Anthony delivers a message of hope during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Weekly update 3-25-2020 - Pastor Anthony sends some encouragement with his 2nd weekly update during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • 03-18-2020 Weekly update - In uncertain times, we're still here as a church family. Pastor Anthony speaks to us about staying in touch, helping each other and remembering to praise the Lord in all we do.