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Sunday Worship Service - 11:00 am

Sunday School - 10:00 am

Thursday Youth Group - 6:00 pm

About Us

Who We Are:


Fork Union Baptist Church is a community of Christians who are striving to glorify God by developing Kingdom-focused Disciples in our area who have an intimate loving relationship with God and one another, who are growing in their knowledge of Him, and who are actively serving Christ in our community and throughout the world.

Our Vision:  Developing Kingdom-focused disciples in our area who are loving, growing and serving.


We are also unashamedly free and faithful Baptists who hold dear four basic freedoms that have been practiced by like-minded Christians since the beginning of our Faith:


Bible Freedom:  The Bible - under the lordship of Christ - must be central in the lives of His followers, who are both free and obligated to study and follow the Scriptures.


Soul Freedom:  Every person has the right and responsibility to deal with God directly and personally, without intervention by any other party.

Church Freedom:  Local churches are free to determine their membership and their leadership.  Local churches are not subject to the dictates of any other organization, state or national.

Religious Freedom:  We affirm the historic right to freedom of religion, freedom for religion and freedom from religion.  Caesar is not Christ and Christ is not Caesar.

Our Staff:
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Anthony Clore - Pastor

Anthony Clore is a lifelong resident of Fluvanna County and he is employed as a Virginia State Trooper in the area. Anthony has always loved the Lord, but in November of 2012, he began to follow the leading of the Lord to do more than just be a member at his local church.  Anthony has previously served as a youth pastor and a worship leader.  He loves praising God through music, and he has a passion for preaching the Gospel and spreading the love of Christ in his community, church and around the world.  Both Anthony and his wife, Jenni have served around the world spreading the Good news of Jesus Christ. Between them, they have been blessed to be able to travel to India, Honduras and Zimbabwe.  Anthony gives God all the glory for everything good in his life especially his wife, Jenni Clore and their three children, Grace, Blake and Lilly.

Cheynne Haislip
Cheynne Haislip
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